Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My cunning linguist superhero...

Finny, like most children, says SO many hilarious things that I can hardly keep track. I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you.

1) The other night I was looking at SouleMama's blog to see if she had had her new baby yet. As I looked at the picture of her new little boy I got all teary. Finny asked me if I was "happysad." I said, yes. Later, while we were in bed talking and talking, I told him that looking at pictures of new babies made me want another baby. He was silent for a bit and then let out a huge sigh and said,"OKAAAAAY MAMA. I'll give you one of my seeds and you can just go on and make yourself another baby." As if it were that easy.

2) One day we were in the car with the radio on. Finny started laughing and laughing in the backseat. I asked him what was so funny. He said, "That guy on the radio sounds like he saying 'Sandwich what you need to say'." (He was actually saying, "Sayyyy what you need to say.") I was just beside myself because my brother and mom and I used to always think that songs were saying something hilarious and completely different that what was really being sung. I'm glad to know that Finny inherited this trait from us. Remeber, be brave and always sandwich what you need to say!

3) Finny and I were on the trampoline talking about superheroes. Finn said that if Stretch Armstrong's penis stretched as much as his arms and legs he would be called Stretch Armpenis. This is hilarious as is, but even more hilarious when you realize that what he meant was that his name would be Stretch Penisstrong. This story about sums up life with a 4-year-old boy.

4) Jack and Finn and I were playing board games the other night. We were setting up for Battleship when Finn asked, "Why are they called board games? They're not boring." Jack and I looked at each other and before we could comment Finn said, "AND we're not boars! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"
HOW ON EARTH can a 4-year-old child figure out all these homophones? Crazy quick, our boy.

5) One evening Finny came out onto the patio where Jack and I were. He had on some goggle thingees. He said that they were his "invisibility glasses" and that he used them to see things that were invisible like space and the future. We thought that was cool...the future.

6) Jack has started "teaching" Finn to play chess. I use the word teaching lightly as it is next to impossible to "teach" Finny anything. However, one night Jack set up the chess board and they started. Two nights later Finn asked to play again. Jack said that he had to go do something in the garage and when he got back they would play. Finn said he would set up the board. You guessed it - after playing ONE time (and Jack NOT showing how to set up) Finn set up the board almost exactly right. He missed about 2 pieces. HOW am I going to survive with TWO rocket scientists in my house?!

7) And, on a tricky note, Finn cheated at Old Maid for the first time. He got dealt the Old Maid at the beginning of the game and when Jack was not looking (he thought), Finny took the Old Maid and stuck it in Jack's discard pile. He argued that that way no one would be the unwinner. Hard to argue with that logic. Course, we did, because I can't stand to play cards when someone cheats. Just a thing for me. We did think it was hilarious though. Human nature, I guess.

This picture is from a recent family hike. Finn never leaves the house without a costume on. I thought this picture was so cool.

Y'all come on by and we'll play some board games and not get bored.

Jack, Michele and Finnigan the Curious


The 3rd Annual Holt Halloween Party has come and gone, again. I was the White Witch of Narnia, Finn was a Power Ranger at the last minute (we also had a ghost, a skeleton and a partial Shark Boy costume in the waiting) and Jack was a long, tall cowboy. (Several of my girlfriends commented that Jack should dress as a cowboy more often. Wink wink.)
The yard was totally full of friends and neighbors, the trampoline was a big hit and too much candy was eaten by all! After trick-or-treating we came back and showed outdoor movies. All the babes cozied up with pillows and blankets to try and calm down. There was a LOT of sugar coursing through veins by that point though.
Finn had a hard time this year. Hosting such a huge party takes days of getting ready. By the time the party gets here he's pretty worn out. I spent a lot of time this year in his room with him just chillin' out. My heart was heavy knowing that my boy would have preferred that we be "just us three." He also wanted to spend more time trick-or-treating than partying. I think that's the last one we'll do for awhile. Of course, the next day he was adamant that we do it again next year. I think that, perhaps, Halloween is thriling enough without throwing a party into the mix.
For the 3rd year in a row we forgot to bob for apples at the actual shindig. Finn and Jack and I bobbed for a few days afterwards. Bobbing is not just for Halloween anymore. I highly recommend it, it's so FUN!
Y'all come on by and we'll bob!
Jack, Michele and Finnigan the Curious